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Exclusive First Listen: Beyoncé – Grown Woman [New Music]


A lot of you love muffins are anxiously awaiting Beyoncé’s new song, “Grown Woman“…well a little birdie provided to us exclusively here at lovebscott.com a taste of what to expect. While it doesn’t have Timbaland’s full production, Beyoncé’s powerful vocals are on full display in this acapella snippet of the song.

For those of you who got a chance to listen to it, we hope you enjoyed our lovebscott.com exclusive. Stay tuned for more….


  1. Look at you B! Getting exclusive. God bless!

  2. I love BEY. I can’t wait to hear your new stuff.

  3. I hope you take the high road & dont leak this on your blog. Messing up her plans is not right & could cost you.

  4. B Scott I know you’re trying to prove something here but pleaaaaseee Let BEYONCE do the release. You’ll ruin all her plans!
    Yes we’re all excited for this but we can all wait, let beyonce release the whole song later and then post it on this website only afterwards. #takenote

  5. Leak the full thing! C’mon!! DO IT!

  6. If you leak the whole song be sure that Beyonce will sue you, just like she did with the guy who leaked 4! So I don’t think it’s a smart decision :)

  7. This is wrong. I notice B Scott has been on this hate Beyonce campaign. He’s turned into this trifling person.

  8. This is very unprofessional!

    B. Scott has been on this negative campaign against Beyonce lately. I’ve been noticed it. He’s turning into one of these tacky blogs they have out here. Your hair USE to be cute but you’re acting very UGLY.


  10. another lame tune by Beyonce. She’ll never get it right, oh well!

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