More to the Story? The Teen That Katt Williams Punched Speaks Out: 'He Asked me to Hit Him' [Video]

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Luke Wash, the 17-year-old who got into a physical altercation with Katt Williams earlier this week is speaking out to share his side of what went down.

According to Luke, he and some friends were playing soccer with Katt when he “took [him] to a secluded area” and asked the teen to “hit” him.

“I was like, you know, I’m not just gonna hit you,” said the teen, who added he had never seen Katt Williams in the neighborhood before.

Luke said Katt then sucker-punched him without warning — and that’s when the scuffle ensued.

His story contrasts the video footage just a bit. In the video of the incident, Luke can be seen talking aggressively to Katt before he threw the punch.

Watch Luke’s interview and the full fight video below.

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