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A Monster: California Man Allegedly Stomped Girlfriend’s 3-Year-Old Son to Death

A 24-year-old California man was arrested Sunday on for allegedly killing his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son in one of the most most horrific ways.

via NYDN:

Santos Rodriguez, of Desert Hot Springs in Riverside County, allegedly admitted to police that he killed the toddler on Saturday by stomping the child on the head after losing his temper, according to KTLA.

San Bernardino police responded to a hospital on Saturday where the boy was being treated for severe head trauma. Rodriguez initially told investigators the boy hit his head on the pavement after falling off a Razor scooter, but later told investigators that he had attacked the boy at their home.

Rodriguez is being held without bail at San Bernardino County West Valley Detention Center.

Santos deserves to spend the rest off his life behind bars.

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