Monica Isn’t Booked For Lovers & Friends Fest, Despite Being Added To Lineup Announcement [Video] |

Monica Isn’t Booked For Lovers & Friends Fest, Despite Being Added To Lineup Announcement [Video]

R&B singer Monica is the fourth artist to deny being booked to perform at Las Vegas’ Lovers & Friends Festival in May.

via: Vibe

Speaking with Billboard, the Atlanta representative clarified her excitement for the performance, once she is properly hired to take the stage.

“I’m looking forward to the festival. I’m thinking that maybe someone will call me and actually book me the correct way,” detailed the 43-year-old. “I don’t have any beef with them — we did great business before, so if you give me a call, we can work it out. Hey, you put me on the flyer… This is not me plugging me. It just seems like maybe someone wants me there, so give me a call.”

Her revelation comes after Juvenile, The-Dream, Mase, and Mary J. Blige also shared similar sentiments regarding being booked for the annual event. Bliige and organizers were able to mend the mishap and confirm her attendance, however, none of the other artists have publicly clarified any discrepancies.

Elsewhere in the conversation, the “Angel Of Mine” singer shared that fans can expect new music soon.

“I know the fans have been exceptionally frustrated with me, but I come from an era where… we work on it ’til we get it right,” detailed the Grammy Award-winning performer.

“We’ve had a lot of things happen in our family. We lost another one of my mother’s brothers, and they were influential in raising me and being there for me, and just as life happens, I step away. They are my first priority. My mother is my first priority. It’s God, then family and the rest follows, so things are starting to align, and you know if I’m here, something’s coming,” she added.

Watch Monica’s full interview below.

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