Mitch McConnell Says There's No Problem -- Even Though He Has Grotesquely Discolored Hands [Photos] |

Mitch McConnell Says There’s No Problem — Even Though He Has Grotesquely Discolored Hands [Photos]

In when life comes at you fast news, photos show Mitch McConnell picking up a face mask, revealing his right hand to be much darker than the rest of his body, as well as a bandaged thumb.

via: Queerty

Mitch McConnell clearly doesn’t want to talk about his hands, which appear to be in the early stages of decomposition, which is weird since, as far as we know, he’s still alive.

This week, alarming photos of the 78-year-old Senate Majority Leader’s bandaged hands looking swollen, discolored, and possibly gangrened went viral. His face and lips also appeared to be bruised and possibly in a state of decay.

When asked about his health yesterday, McConnell refused to answer questions other than to say there were “no concerns.”

“Of course not,” he told reporters in the Capitol when asked if he had any health problems people should know about.

But the pictures speak for themselves.

When Politico reporter John Bresnahan pressed him on the issue, McConnell, who has spent the better part of the last decade trying to take away healthcare from millions of Americans, deflected by responding, “I’ve been worried about your health, Bres. How are you feeling?”

His aides also wouldn’t comment on what’s going on with his hands, but it’s clear something is definitely, definitely up.

I believe his boss said it best, “it is what it is.”

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