Mike Brown Update: Police Dept. Releases Name of Officer Responsible for Shooting, Unrelated Robbery Surveillance Footage & More [Photos + Video]


There have been some major developments in the days after Mike Brown was gunned down by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

We’ve seen the city of Ferguson transform into what resembled a war zone after heavy militarized police began stripping protestors of their rights and civil liberties in order to ‘keep the peace’. However, it looks like the city has begun to restore order after Governor Jay Nixon relieved the St. Louis County police of their duty and relinquished control to the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Video surveillance footage showing who appears to be Mike Brown involved in a physical confrontation with a store clerk during a strong-arm robbery has been released.

In addition, the police released their official incident report detailing the events that led to the shooting of the unarmed teen and the name of officer Darren Wilson, the man they say is responsible for the murder. 


Many people aren’t buying the police’s official account of what happened. Mike Brown’s family attorney released a statement:

“The issue here is that the Chief is more interested in spending time, money and resources, chasing information that helps demonize the victim, rather then focusing on providing information about the murder of Michael Brown. The people of Ferguson and the rest of country needs transparency to heal. The truth about Mike’s execution will come out!”

  Here’s where things get really messy:

Earlier this afternoon, the Ferguson Police Chief held a press conference and plainly stated that the officer responsible for shooting Michael Brown did NOT know he was a robbery suspect at the time. Which begs the question, why was the footage even released in the first place? Furthermore, why was the robbery included in the incident report released by police?

As we said before, the information pertaining to these events changes almost by the minute. Do yourself a favor and look beyond mainstream news outlets — because as we’ve seen, that’s not where the story is being told.

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