Michael Rainey Jr. Is Jealous Of His ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Character’s Closet [Photo]

If you have been watching ‘Power Book II’ you may have noticed that Tariq’s style has stepped up to the next level, and the portrayer Michael Rainey Jr is a fan of his character’s fashions.

via: Page Six

Michael Rainey Jr. can’t get enough of his “Power Book II: Ghost” character Tariq St. Patrick’s style.

“I wish I could get to borrow or keep some of the clothes,” the actor, 20, told Page Six Style. “[With] reshoots, they don’t wanna give away certain wardrobe pieces. I’m not gonna lie, though: After this season I’m gonna need some of that drip, because the stuff is crazy.”

Rainey Jr. has his eye on one outfit in particular.

“It’s a burgundy sweatsuit that we used in the first episode, when Tariq was in court with his mom,” he said. “It is fire.”

In addition to designer sweatsuits, Tariq also sports some seriously stylish footwear, from Jordans to shoes from Saint Laurent, Chanel and Celine.

“Tariq’s style has definitely improved from Season 1 to now,” Rainey said. “It’s always been the name-brand stuff, but now it’s just through the roof. Now they got spicy; it’s gotten way more swagged out.”

The wardrobe is so stocked with designer finds, in fact, that Rainey said the cast sometimes argues over their onscreen duds.

“There are times we fight over clothes. There’s one jacket that Woody [McClain] got to wear that I wanted. When I saw it I was like, ‘Damn, I wish they would put me in it,’” he said, referring to a $10,000 black Louis Vuitton leather jacket that he’d previously admired in stores.

“I was like, ‘Damn, he got the big racks on that day.’ But it definitely fit Cane as a character. His character needed that jacket.”

Though Rainey may be jealous of the high-fashion looks on his Starz show, he said he can hold his own in real life, too.

“Tariq is fly, but Michael gets fly too,” he quipped.

What they have managed to do with the character of Tariq from ‘Power’ to ‘Power Book’ is amazing, not just the character growth but also his style.

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