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Michael Jordan’s Net Worth Reaches $3B; 1st Athlete Among USA’s 400 Wealthiest People

Michael Jordan was already the gold standard on the court. Now he’s the gold standard for athletes when it comes to net worth as well.

via: Sports Illustrated

An article published Monday by Forbes revealed Jordan, at age 60, currently boasts a net worth of $3 billion following the recent sale of his majority ownership stake in the Hornets, making the Hall of Famer the first professional athlete to rank among America’s wealthiest.

Coincidentally, the seismic deal, which was approved on July 23, came together after Jordan sold Charlotte, the league’s 27th most valuable team, at an astonishing $3 billion valuation. Once confirmed, the sale went down as the second-highest in NBA history, coming in at nearly 17 times the $275 million Jordan paid for the team in 2010.

The Hornets’ sale marked the latest significant, post-retirement move for Jordan following a 15-year career during which the ex-Bulls and Wizards star earned $94 million as a player and an estimated $2.4 billion (pre-tax) in endorsements, largely fueled by his mega-popular shoes.

With His Airness now among The Forbes 400, Jordan, who’s used to operating in rare air, will now stand alone in the world of business as he continues to build on a portfolio that includes longtime partnerships with many global brands including Nike, McDonald’s and Gatorade.

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