Michael Jackson's Estate Slams LaToya's Former Fiance For Allegedly Stealing Valuables From His Home

Michael Jackson’s estate has brought some accusations against LaToya Jackson’s former fiance. Lawyers of the King of Pop have alleged that Jeffre Phillips, who got engaged to Michael’s sister in 2013, stole the pajamas the “Thriller” singer wore on his deathbed.

via: Radar Online

This comes just before the 13th anniversary of the pop icon’s passing. Jackson died on June 25, 2013, after suffering cardiac arrest that was said to be caused by a cocktail of drugs given to him by his doctor

Jeffre was engaged to be married to one of Michael’s siblings at the time of the alleged robbery, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ, but the court filing did not specify which sibling. However, it’s been reported Michael’s sister La Toya Jackson married Jeffre in 2013.

The documents claimed he was staying at Michael Carolwood House when he allegedly stole Michael’s iPhone, his driver’s license, prescription pill bottles, handwritten notes and a pair of pajamas that the megastar had been wearing in the hours leading up to his death. The articles of clothing had been taken off of the singer by the medical team attempting to save Michael’s life.

The lawsuit also alleged Jeffre stole a briefcase and paperwork, video cameras, computers and hard drives from the King of Pop.

As Radar previously reported, “Mickey” singer Toni Basil blamed Michael’s brutal concert rehearsal schedule for contributing to his death at only 50-years-old.

“He had stopped from six years, and all of a sudden, they talked him into doing a tour,” she said in an interview on Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “And he’s trying to sing and dance and rehearse in a small amount of time. It was killing him, and it did kill him. That’s just my opinion, because that’s so, so, so difficult.”

“I think it had to have been so exhausting and so physically taxing, and you know, he’s got to have his hand in it,” she continued. “He’s got to be creating it. He’s gotta be making decisions. He’s gotta be rehearsing all day. He’s gotta be dancing like he danced, and he’s gotta be singing like he’s singing.”

Michael is survived by his three children — Prince, 25, Paris 24, and Prince Michael II, 20.

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