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Michael B Jordan Ferrari Crash Still Under Investigation, LAPD ‘Taking Its Time’ Reviewing Case

Michael B. Jordan was reportedly behind the wheel of a Ferrari that crashed into a parked car in L.A.

via: Radar Online

Jordan isn’t in the clear for the crash involving his blue Ferrari. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to RadarOnline.com that the investigation is ongoing, with a law enforcement insider telling us that officers are “taking their time” with the probe.

“Some things can’t be rushed,” the source spilled.

As this outlet reported, a damning video surfaced showing the Creed III star’s $420,000 Ferrari 812 Superfast speeding through the streets of Hollywood and smashing into a parked Kia on December 2. Photos obtained by RadarOnline.com showed substantial damage to both vehicles.

The front panel of Jordan’s passenger side was ripped off, and the driver-side of the Kia also took a beating. Thankfully, no one was reported to be hurt in the accident.

There were no indications that the star was impaired by alcohol or drugs at the time of the crash; however, the officers did not perform a field sobriety test on the actor, reported TMZ. When Jordan was asked what happened, he allegedly didn’t elaborate.

The Just Mercy star was not arrested over the incident — and LAPD launched an investigation only after they caught wind of the tape.

Cops confirmed they were looking at the crash tape to determine if Jordan was behind the wheel of his Ferrari, as the footage showed his vehicle racing a red sports car on Sunset Blvd. at approximately 11:30 PM. Jordan’s car appeared to lose control before swerving into the parked Kia.

“Detectives are aware of the video of the crash at Sunset and Beachwood and are investigating if there is any possible negligence by the driver. We do not provide the name of the person involved unless they are arrested and booked into the system,” an LAPD representative told RadarOnline.com last month.

Jordan has not been charged with a crime, but that could all change pending the active investigation.

A source close to the actor said he was allegedly “annoyed” that he smashed his expensive vehicle.

“It was an actual accident,” a tipster told Daily Mail in Jordan’s defense. “Michael was annoyed that he ruined his car, but that can get fixed. He was, and is, embarrassed about it all as he accidentally had his foot on the gas and didn’t brake in time.”

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