Meet Bryce Thompson: 24 Year Old Serial Entrepreneur Who Just Launched A $100,000 Scholarship For HBCU Students |

Meet Bryce Thompson: 24 Year Old Serial Entrepreneur Who Just Launched A $100,000 Scholarship For HBCU Students

This is some serious Black Boy Joy and Black Excellence, Entrepreneur and Morehouse alum Bryce Thompson was once a student struggling to pay his first year of college tuition when his uncle, JC Bilbo Jr., stepped up and paid his tuition for him. Bryce never forgot the promise he made to his uncle to not only remember his kindness, but to pay it forward when he became successful himself.

via Forbes:

Bryce Thompson is no stranger to stepping up to the plate in the face of adversity. After nearly missing out on the opportunity to attend college at Morehouse College in Atlanta due to financial constraints, his uncle generously offered to pay his way. Now, at only 24 years old, Thompson is in a position to follow suit of his uncle and pave the way for others who may be facing similar challenges by providing $100,000 in scholarships to ten students attending HBCUs this fall.

Thompson’s time at Morehouse, also an HBCU, was spent well, making the Dean’s List every semester. After being offered many promising internships and working in the engineering field, Thompson learned that he was not interested in climbing the corporate ladder. Instead, he found his calling in carving his own path to financial success and helping others to do the same. Thompson’s older brother, who has served as his lifelong role model, introduced him to cryptocurrency and investing which not only sparked Thompson’s interest, but held it in a way that nothing ever had before. This newfound venture catapulted Thompson into a career path that would soon make him a 20’s-something Black millionaire who had his eyes set on helping others to achieve success.

As TradeHouse continues to impact the lives of people around the world, Thompson’s desire to give back keeps burning. In a philanthropic and timely move, Thompson’s decision to fund $100,000 in scholarships specifically to HBCU students speaks volumes.

“I strongly believe that HBCUs assist in the BLM movement by providing a safe and culturally aware learning environment which better educates and prepares young black men and women to attain high level positions.” said Thompson. “This puts them in a position to serve not only their communities, but the world at large through the skills they acquire while attending these sacred institutions.”

Thompson’s close call at not being able to attend Morehouse College helped him relate to others who might not be able to receive a higher education at all.

“I realize there are people who don’t have a friend or family member that can step in and help the way my uncle did for me.” Thompson said. “I told myself that I would one day offer scholarships of my own to help students like myself avoid a similar situation.”

Thompson hopes to encourage people through his story and journey that they too can make a significant impact and hold important roles no matter their age, skin color, or circumstance. He wants to inspire people to go off the beaten path and create their own success through entrepreneurship. If Thompson could say one thing to young people it would be, “Your goals are your goals, and no-one else’s. Believe in your goals and the things that you do because what makes sense to you doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else.”

Thank you Bryce! You are an inspiration.

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