Mathew Knowles May Have Just Revealed Beyoncé Is Having Fraternal Twins -- A Boy and A Girl [Video]

Mathew Knowles found out about his daughter Beyoncé’s pregnancy like the rest of us.

That’s right — it wasn’t until people began sending him ‘congratulations’ texts that he learned he was going to be a granddad again. It’s no secret that Beyoncé likes to be in control of ALL of her announcements, so there’s a good chance she’s not going to be very happy with her dad now that he may or may not have just spilled the beans on whether she’s having boys or girls.

In speaking about the baby news, Mathew shared: “I’m extremely proud and happy, both with Jay and her. And Blue Ivy is going to have some brothers and sisters. She is already excited.”

Brothers and sisters? Does he know something we don’t?

Watch the video below.

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