Mathew Knowles' Former Lover TaQoya Branscomb Shares Photos of Beyoncé's 4yo Half-Sister Koi

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Mathew Knowles’ newest baby mama, TaQoya Branscomb, recently sat down for an interview with Inside Edition.

During her sit down, the former lingerie model revealed photos of her and Mathew’s alleged love child — a 4-year-old girl named Koi.

via Mail Online:

Taqoya told Inside Edition, that she initially was shocked to learn she was pregnant: ‘He’d had a vasectomy. Or at least that was what I was told.’

She then displayed the results of the aforementioned paternity test, which was court ordered in her suit.  

‘You can’t deny it once DNA tests come out 99.9% that you are the father,’ the Texan insisted.

And while the mother is currently in a legal battle to force Knowles to pay child support, she is hopeful her little one can meet Beyonce. 

‘They are half sisters and maybe one day down the line that can be made possible,’ she said, hopefully. 

Neither Beyoncé nor Solange have yet to even acknowledge Mathew’s OTHER child with Alexsandra Wright and it’s been several years since that affair was made public.

Good luck, girl.

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