Married to Medicine's Simone Whitmore Divorcing Husband Cecil After 21 Years: 'I Am Done'

It’s a wrap for ‘Married to Medicine’ star Dr. Simone Whitmore and her husband Cecil.

After being married for 21 years, the pair has decided to divorce.

via People:

The pair — who share sons Miles, 19 and Michael, 15 — first met while students in Spelman College. They’ve been married for 21 years.

Simone revealed the news to her Married to Medicine costars Thursday in New York while filming the season 5 reunion, which airs on Bravo this March.

Prior to the taping, she told PEOPLE that she had decided to end their relationship, filing for divorce in October 2017. She said she plans to have paperwork finalized when she returns to Atlanta.

“There is no if here, there are no games. I am not pretending. I am done, ” she said. “I have reached a place where I am in a marriage where I do not feel loved and no sacrifices are being made for me to make me feel loved. I must move on.”

The longest married couple on Married to Medicine, Simone and Cecil have been open about their marital struggles this season. While they were inseparable in their early days, they drifted apart — even staying at two separate houses.

“We’re in a place where we’re arguing over basic s—,” she said in an episode that aired in December, getting emotional. “He’s just so hostile and angry about every little thing. When somebody is being mean, it’s hard to replace that with something nice or smile. It’s difficult.”

Though the decision to go to therapy made it appear like things between the two were on the up and up, Simone told PEOPLE their fighting got worse when the Married to Medicine season wrapped.

“It looked like we were improving. The problem is we should have continued counseling, and we did not,” she said. “We let life take over. We were busy over the summer with basketball tournaments, traveling and getting Miles ready for college. We should have kept marital counseling as a priority, but we let the ball drop.”

The final straw came about a month after Miles began college.  “Cecil and I had a disagreement,” she recalled. “We were trying to talk through it — with sometimes tense, sometimes normal negotiations in process — and he woke up on Saturday morning, we had a blow-up. I knew that day that my marriage was over.”

“My marriage had ended,” she added. “I could no longer deal with the stuff he was dishing.”

We’re sad to the them split. You can read more on what Dr. Whitmor has to say about her divorce via People.

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