Marriage Trouble? Keyshia Cole & Daniel Gibson Post Cryptic Messages on Instagram [Photos]


While new couples LeBron & Savanna James and John Legend & Chrissy Teigen are on Instagram professing their love and showing us romantic honeymoon snaps, Keyshia & Daniel are taking turns posting cryptic messages that make us think there might be some trouble in paradise.

Rumors of a marriage crisis began shortly after Keyshia announced via Instagram that she was leaving Cleveland.

#Cleveland has been amazingly sweet to my husband and I! We’ve created lots of memory’s here! LoL!!  But now it’s time to say ByeBye! Had to come get all our things from the house! Bitter/Sweet Love you Cleveland!

That message seemed fairly obvious since her husband isn’t playing for Cleveland anymore. But things got a little deeper as Keyshia kept posting photos with abrasive captions, such as: “Trust no bitch,” “Feelings off” and “Sometimes you get pushed to the limit.”

Daniel responded from his own Instagram account with photos saying: “When A Woman’s Fed Up,” “Till Death Do Us Part…Lost Without You” and “If you could start all over with one person in the world, who would it be? What would you do different?”

Naturally, the media ran with their messages and one outlet went as far as to claim that Daniel & Keyshia were on the outs due to his infidelity and the fact that he got another woman pregnant. Daniel spoke out in his defense:

As for MTO. All u do tell lies for an audience & since the world is so captivated by Negativity. u thrive. But i WOULD NEVER CHEAT on my Wife. We not getting along right now true. But don’t spread that type of negativity. The World don’t need that Shyt!

He continued:

Its just amazing these days the affect the media & news have on Society. It allows them to brainwash u. Be careful what u feed ur mind. You never know who’s behind it. PAC said it best. The media is FULL of Dirty Tricks.

While they might not be headed for divorce, he admitted that the two are indeed having problems. We really like them as a couple so we hope they can stick through it and work whatever it is out if possible.

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