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What Would You Do? Man Renovating Chicago Home Finds $10K Hidden in Living Room, Returns It to Previous Owner [Video]

Gloria Carter recently moved out of the Chicago home she’d lived in for the past five decades and left behind a sum of $10,000 in cash all throughout the house.

Jim Dow, the man who bought the home and found the cash while renovating, decided to return it.

via People:

“I think there are good people in the world, and I’m not the only one that would’ve done the same thing,” he told WBBM.

Dow, who works with real estate investment franchisor HomeVestors, recently bought the Calumet Heights home from Carter with plans to renovate it, the outlet reported.

Considering he’s flipped more than 50 houses in the last five years, Dow has a seen a lot — but never before such a large amount of money, which he says left him “shocked.”

Dow reportedly discovered five different envelopes scattered throughout the living room that contained a total of nearly $10,000. Some were behind the couch, while another was found behind a photo hanging on the wall.

“Behind the couch, there were two bankers’ withdrawal envelopes, so I think that she felt her safest place for her money was kind of hidden around the house,” he told WBBM. “It was kind of surreal. I thought it might be like being on some kind of reality TV show.”

Dow returned the money to Carter upon finding it, which led her son Anthony Carter to praise him for his professionalism in an online review, according to WBBM.

“Throughout the process, Jim was both responsive and professional, while being extraordinarily trustworthy and honest,” Carter wrote. “He helped my family avoid a significant financial los[s] by calling us after our business dealings had officially been completed, to return approximately 5 envelopes he had found around the house, containing over $10,000. And after returning this money, Mr. Dow refused to accept a reward, instead asking us to just pay it forward.”

Would you have returned the entire $10k? We maybe would’ve turned in $9k and kept a lil something for our troubles.

Watch the video below.


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