Malibu Mayor Says Kourtney Kardashian Lied About Having a Baby Shower to Get a Party Permit |

Malibu Mayor Says Kourtney Kardashian Lied About Having a Baby Shower to Get a Party Permit

The Mayor of Malibu is calling Kourtney Kardashian out for allegedly lying on a permit application to host an event for her Poosh brand.

via Complex:

Mayor Bruce Silverstein accused Kardashian’s team of putting in an application with the city for an “Emergency Expedited Permit for Large Event.” On the application, the event was supposed to be a baby shower that was going to be held at a single-family home.

However, it turns out the baby shower wasn’t happening, and the actual party was a promotional event for Kardashian’s health and wellness brand Poosh. According to TMZ, the party was the Poolside with Poosh event that occurred on Saturday.

Per the permit application, a total of 94 guests were expected to attend. However, Silverstein claimed over 600 people showed up.

“I am appalled by the situation, and it helps me understand what residents throughout the city are dealing with,” Silverstein wrote in a statement. “Not a good look for the city – although it is a great ad to non-residents who want to come here and destroy the residents’ peaceful enjoyment of their homes.”

He continued, “I understand that the event has been represented to be a baby shower that is being hosted by the owner of the property. Both of those representations are contrary to what the event planner told me – which was that the house is being ‘rented’ for an ‘influencer event.’ Obviously, one story or the other is false.”

Despite Silverstein’s claim, an attendee told Page Six, “There were no more than 100 people attending the privately held wellness event for friends of Poosh.”

There’s no word if Kourtney or anyone on her team attended the event, which offered guests a nail and hair salon and massages, with sponsorships from brands like 818 Tequila, Ring Concierge, and CoverGirl.

Interestingly enough, Kourtney and Travis did host a Disney Land-themed baby shower this weekend as well — maybe someone got the permits mixed up?

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