Ma$e Receives His Own Day in Harlem [Photo]

On Tuesday (Jan. 24), Ma$e was honored with his own day during a proclamation ceremony in front of Harlem’s Apollo Theater.

via: HipHopDX

The former Bad Boy hitmaker was honored with his own day in New York City at a proclamation ceremony held outside Harlem’s iconic Apollo Theater on Tuesday (January 24).

The 47-year-old (real name Mason Betha) received a framed proclamation from New York City Council Member Kevin C. Riley declaring January 24 “Ma$e Day” in Harlem.

The proclamation, which coincides with Hip Hop’s 50th birthday this summer, cites Ma$e’s “outstanding achievements and enduring contributions” throughout his career as multi-platinum artist, performer, songwriter, label executive and pastor.

Joined by his wife and two sons, Ma$e graced the mic and said a few words in front of a gathering of family, friends, colleagues and fans.

“I want to thank all of you for coming out here today, but most of all, I want to say this because this really matters in our community: a win only feels great when you win with family,” he said.

“Today, I have my whole family here — my wife of 22 years and a bunch of people in the crowd, a bunch of great artists…Thank you, and thank you Harlem for making me great.”

He added: “And most of all, my pastor is here. This is the guy that prayed for me when I left Hip Hop, so y’all all wanna know who changed me? This is the guy that changed me.”

The ceremony comes just days before Ma$e is due to hit the stage and dust off his catalog of hits at the Apollo Theater alongside fellow New York giants Cam’ron and Jadakiss.

The special one-night-only concert takes place on Saturday (January 28) and comes courtesy of the venue’s 2022-2023 season, dubbed “The Next Movement,” which is described as “an exploration of what’s new, now and next in music, dance, art and ideas.”

The trio had plans to hit the road together last year on the aptly-titled 3 Headed Monster Tour, a seven-day trek that would have taken them across the East Coast and Southeast in October.

However, the tour was abruptly canceled just weeks after being announced. While an explanation was never provided, Ma$e seemed to pointed the finger at Diddy. with whom he’d become embroiled in yet another back-and-forth over their Bad Boy affairs.

“It’s Time To Show People What Fearless Looks Like,” he wrote in an Instagram post following the tour cancelation. “‘No Matter What Happens, I’m Not Stopping Nothing That I’m Doing!’ So Y’all Can Cancel All of The Dates I will not apologize for what’s right! EITHER WAY I WILL BE PERFORMING SOMEWHERE!!!

“Also, to my #1 hater BTS make sure you pull up since your trying to stop everything I do BTS. We know what’s going on… but it’s not gonna work. Just setting me up for a bigger break! – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.”

Ma$e’s post was accompanied by a TikTok video soundtracked by his and Biggie’s “Mo Money Mo Problems” collaboration, in which he can be heard saying: “You know me by now. You can’t move me with money. I quit at the height of my career. I don’t care about money, n-gga — it’s the principle.”

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