[Updated] She Mad? Tamar Braxton Reportedly QUIT in the Middle Snoop Dogg's Play Because She Didn't Get Her Food Delivery

Tamar Braxton is out of yet another gig — but this time it was her own doing.

During last Sunday afternoon’s performance at the Warner Theatre of Snoop Dogg’s autobiographical stage play “Redemption of a Dogg,” Tamar left Snoop and the rest of the cast hanging after she quit midway through.

via Mail Online:

During the 3pm show, audience members became agitated when the announced 15-minute intermission stretched to a little more than an hour.

A comedian named Red Grant, who opened the show, returned to the stage and told the crowd there was a ‘technical difficulty’ and the producers of the show wanted to work through it to ‘make sure everything is right.’

Shortly thereafter, the show resumed, and when the angel character that had been previously played by Braxton reemerged, the capacity crowd began to grumble upon realizing someone else was in her costume. 

The show proceeded with what appeared to be an accelerated second half of the show.

During the final curtain call, the play’s writer and director Je’Caryous Johnson was brought on stage by Snoop for closing words and the crowd began to yell out: ‘where’s Tamar?’

‘Please, it’s important that we pray for her, this is a very vulnerable time so please just pray for her. She’s sorry she couldn’t be here for this curtain call, but she did get a chance to be here for you and she did the best she could,’ he said.  

Immediately following the matinee, producers of Redemption of a Dogg placed signs on the box office before the evening show that said, ‘due to unforeseen circumstances Tamar Braxton will not star in tonight’s show.’

But a source close to the show told DailyMailTV that Braxton didn’t have any type of emergency at all, and instead had thrown a huge fit backstage over a misunderstanding regarding a food delivery before abandoning her co-stars and quitting the show during intermission. 

According to the source, the 41-year-old entertainer had arranged for a friend in D.C. to bring her some food during intermission but had not made security aware. 

When Braxton got off stage at intermission, she learned her friend was denied entry into the building and became upset.

‘This isn’t my first rodeo as it pertains to live theater, but I’ve never, ever seen anyone quit over something like this and disappoint their fans this way. She was completely hysterical and totally out of control,’ a witness said. 

The source added that this was one of several incidents that had taken place with Braxton since the show launched October 5 in Houston. The show has played in Newark, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Chicago and Detroit as well.

The producers of the show urged Braxton to calm down and remain for the second half of the play but the temperamental star refused.

‘She kept screaming, “she’s not here for this,” talking about herself in the third person and then saying, “I’m so sick of this s**t,”‘ recalled the source. 

‘Then she said, “you can do this damn show without her,” again, addressing herself in the third person.’

Apparently, even Snoop attempted to rationalize with his co-star to convince her to finish the show, but not even he could keep her from storming out of the building.

DailyMail.com has reached out to Tamar and the production’s reps for comment.   

The actors were forced to scramble to adjust the show for the second act. 

Braxton did not have an understudy, so one of the dancers had to learn her lines to complete several scenes pivotal to finishing the story in the play, while American Idol finalist LaToya London, who also stars in the show, sang Braxton’s songs off stage.

‘When the audience realized that someone else was in Tamar’s costume, you could hear the chatter from the seats of the Warner Theater all the way backstage,’ the source added. 

‘People were saying things like, “I knew it was Tamar holding up the show,” and “she’s always starting trouble,” without even knowing what had actually occurred.’

After the cast took their final bow, they all assembled backstage and gave the dancer who stepped in a rousing ovation for saving the day and applauded London for having to sing a song on the spot she had never rehearsed.

Following the matinee, the cast and crew was then summoned into an emergency rehearsal to rework the script and adjust the evening show without Braxton. 

After revamping the show and just before it was time to start their 7.30pm show, Braxton returned to the venue and wanted to return to work.

It’s one thing to walk out on your OWN production, but to leave an entire cast and crew hanging over a delivery meal is the pinnacle of unprofessionalism.

Update: According to another version of events, Tamar went off and quit mid-show not because she didn’t get her food — but because the venue removed her friend.

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