Loni Love and Jeannie Mai Send Messages of Support to Tamar Braxton [Photos]

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Loni Love is speaking out in response to Tamar Braxton’s departure from ‘The Real.’

After Tamar posted a cryptic Instagram message hours before we excluively revealed she had been fired, many ‘Tamartians’ went on the attack and spammed Loni’s social media accounts with nasty comments.

We’re not exactly sure what led people to believe Loni had anything to do with Tamar’s firing, but that’s not the case.

This morning, Loni took to Instagram to share a message to her former co-host.

She writes:

You shine bright.. Keep shining.. You have been my twinkle toes, my head chef, crazy friend that makes me smile. You know I love you and your family. Your faith has made me strong, your jokes make me laugh and I know that you will continue to soar as you always do. Know that no matter what I only want and wish you the best. I am here, nothing has changed. Take the time you need but know as I have always been, I am here.

So sweet.

Fellow co-host Jeannie Mai also posted a little message to Tamar on her Instagram just a few moments ago.

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