Lizzo Plays a ‘Sesame Street’ Flute Made Out of Cookies for Elmo … Before You Know Who Eats It [Video] |

Lizzo Plays a ‘Sesame Street’ Flute Made Out of Cookies for Elmo … Before You Know Who Eats It [Video]

Lizzo is ‘100% that b*tch,” and as such, the Grammy Award winner has no difficulty in commanding attention in any room she steps into or stage she performs on. Whether she’s twerking online in a Grinch custom or floating down the red carpet in a breathtaking floral arrangement, the “Special” singer is just that.

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Lizzo makes music that’s so sweet, everyone wants to take a bite — especially Cookie Monster, especially if there’s an oven-baked instrument involved. In an adorable collaboration with a couple of Sesame Street‘s famous fuzzy friends, the 34-year-old pop star played delicious music on a flute made of chocolate chips and brown sugar before a certain blue monster gobbled it up.

In a video posted to Sesame Street‘s official Twitter account, Elmo offers up his neighborhood’s “famous cookie flute” for Lizzo to try. “I’ve played a lot of instruments, but I’ve never played a cookie before!” she exclaims. “May I?”

After playing a few bars of a majestic melody, Cookie Monster saunters in. “Oh boy, oh boy. Can me try?”

“Of course,” the singer-flautist replies. “I didn’t know you played the flute, Cookie Monster.”

“Me don’t,” Cookie Monster says before devouring the baked goodie in front of her.

Elmo retweeted the video onto his individual official account, writing, “One day, Elmo wants to play the flute just like Ms. Lizzo! Elmo loves you, @lizzo. ??”

The “Truth Hurts” singer also filmed a video of her own with Elmo, referencing a viral moment from the time Elmo appeared on The Tonight Show for a cooking segment with Jimmy Fallon. In the clip, Elmo tells the late-night comedian to flavor the recipe with “balsamic vinegar — that’s a big word for Elmo,” a soundbite that trended on TikTok after users started lip-synching to it.

“I know this has been a big word for you, so I wanna see if you finally know how to say it,” Lizzo says in her video, gifting Elmo with a bottle of BV.

Watch Lizzo hang out with Sesame Street‘s Elmo and Cookie Monster below:

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