Lizzo Criticized After Calling Chris Brown “My Favorite Person in the World” [Photos + Video] |

Lizzo Criticized After Calling Chris Brown “My Favorite Person in the World” [Photos + Video]

Lizzo and her girls got together and linked up at the Millennium Tour, featuring Bow Wow, Omarion, and Soulja Boy. It’s safe to say Lizzo’s day was made.

via: NME

In a new video circulating online, Lizzo is seen posing for a photo with Brown, before giving him the compliment.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Brown was under police investigation after a woman alleged that he physically assaulted her at his home.

A sexual assault lawsuit against Brown was also dismissed last year after the singer settled out of court. An unknown woman identified as Jane Doe filed a lawsuit against Brown in 2018, alleging that she was raped multiple times by a man named Lowell Grissom Jr. while attending a party at the singer’s home in February 2017.

Back in 2009, Brown was found guilty of felony assault following an altercation with Rihanna while the then-couple were on their way to that year’s Grammys.

Years later, in 2017, he was accused of “blaming” Rihanna for his assault on her by various domestic abuse charities.

See footage of Lizzo and Chris Brown’s meeting below:

Many fans online have criticised Lizzo after the footage emerged. “Lizzo calling Chris brown her favorite person in the whole fucking world IM PISSED OFF MAN,” one wrote.

See a range of responses to the footage below:

A number of others pointed out that others who have collaborated with Brown in recent years have done so without the same backlash Lizzo is receiving.

One wrote: “People being outraged at Lizzo’s love for Chris Brown while so many other artists be out here supporting/collaborating with him with no backlash, makes zero sense. Don’t make me go down the list of people…Just say you don’t like her.”

People get upset at stuff that has nothing to do with them. Let Lizzo live.

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