Lionel Messi Breaks Instagram Record With World Cup Victory Post [Photo]

A gallery of Lionel Messi celebrating Argentina’s World Cup win has become the most-liked Instagram post ever.

via: Complex

As of Tuesday, the title changeover had been made official: Lionel Messi of Argentina’s victory-celebrating post on Instagram, as seen below, is now the most-liked in the social media platform’s history. At the time of this writing, the Lusail Stadium-tagged post in question was set to soon start bumping up against 61 million likes.

The previous record holder, of course, was the Kylie Jenner-besting egg of 2019, which now stands at more than 56 million likes. By Tuesday morning, Guinness World Records had recognized the feat by updating its own most-liked image post on Instagram listing, further noting that Messi (at the time) also boasted the third most-followed account on the platform.

Worth noting is that Messi actually has multiple Instagram posts that now rank among the top 10 most-liked.

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