'Shahs of Sunset' Star Lilly Ghalichi Flashes her Stunning $1.2 Million Engagement Ring [Photos]


When it comes to the battle of the bling, Lilly Ghalichi has officially won.

The Shahs of Sunset star, who announced her engagement last week, couldn’t help but flash her ginormous rock as she headed out for dinner at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills with fiance Dhar Mann.


The reported 15-carat ring cost an estimated $1.2 million. Check out a closer view from Lilly’s Instagram:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.17.43 AM

That rock is huge!


Lilly recently spoke about her engagement (and ring) to E! News:

“My boyfriend, Dhar, actually proposed to me two weeks ago when we were on vacation in the Maldives,” Ghalichi tells E! News exclusively. “He rented this tiny island for us to have dinner at. There was a chef and a waiter and the only thing on this island is a little table for two. It was super romantic. He proposed to me there, but he didn’t have a ring. I was like, ‘Then it doesn’t count. I want a ring.'”

“We didn’t tell anyone else about the proposal,” she adds. “We just kept it to ourselves.”

In fact, Ghalichi says it was Mann’s idea to “tell everyone were we’re getting married” on Instagram. “We posted our ‘engagement’ news with an old photo of me wearing this diamond ring I had borrowed while doing press in New York City a few months ago. It’s a 12-carat ring I wore on Watch What Happens Live and Wendy Williams and it’s just stunning. It was valued at around $750,000 and I had to have two bodyguards with me when I wore it.

“So everyone, including me, thought the whole thing was an April Fools’ joke but then, with about two minutes left on Apr. 1, Dhar gets down on one knee and proposes again in his apartment,” she recalls. “I’m laughing but he was like, ‘No, I mean it. And this time, I got you the ring you wanted.'”

“The original ring I had worn had already been sold to another customer, but he went back to the dealer and had him make me an identical one—this time with a better quality diamond. The shape and setting is the same, but the diamond is better,” she vows. “It wasn’t ready yet, so Dhar had them take a video of it to show me. That’s the video we posted. That’s the ring I’m getting. It’s supposed to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. So what started out as an engagement joke turned into a real engagement. It’s confusing, I know! But no one knew he had actually proposed to me for the first time weeks ago.”

Congratulations on the engagement Lilly!

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