Lil’ Nas X’s Father Slams Boosie Over Homophobic Remarks [Photos] |

Lil’ Nas X’s Father Slams Boosie Over Homophobic Remarks [Photos]

Lil Nas X‘s dad is coming to his son’s defense after Boosie made negative comments. Earlier this week, Lil Nas made a joke about collaborating with Boosie.

via: The Blast

The ‘Montero’ rapper’s dad — R.L. Stafford — took to Instagram in defense of his son and blasted Boosie for his insensitive and outright homophobic tirade. If you didn’t know, Stafford is also a musician, who released a gospel album back in 2018.

Although LNX’s parents split up when he was six years old, his father obtained custody and raised the rapper most of his childhood. “How the hell you’re a gangsta rapper promoting drugs, gun violence, degrading women and getting high in every video taking about your for the kids,” he posted on IG.

He continued, “Man sit your old man looking a– down. The game has passed you. We real Bankhead over here. Not like the guy who claims it. Obviously, Lil’ Nas X’s father doesn’t specifically name Lil’ Boosie in his rant, but it surely appears he is talking to the Louisana native. It should be noted, the message was posted on IG stories, and is set to the background music of LNX’s hit record, “Industry Baby,” featuring Jack Harlow.

As you know, this isn’t the first person to come out against Boosie Badazz for his comments regarding Lil’ Nas X and his sexuality. Besides some of the homophobic remarks, which we have chosen to not republish, he included the message, “Stop trolling me f—– LOL!!,” adding “If you commit suicide you would be during this world a huge favor. Nobody wants you here.” The rapper has since deleted his original tweet.

Fans flooded social media with messages of support for the ‘Montero’ rapper. “Boosie is mad that a queer Black rapper is doing better than him in an industry that has built its foundation in homophobia,” one person wrote. Another added, “I really hope Lil Nas X is loved and uplifted because severe and extreme homophobia isn’t just painful and distressing but also triggering depending on past experiences.”

The executive director of the Trevor Project chimed in, saying, “The Trevor Project is proud of Lil Nas X for living his truth unapologetically and using his massive platform to normalize conversations around mental health and the LGBTQ community.”

Boosie responded and said, “don’t get mad at me because your son came out like that.”

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