Lil Nas X Countersues After Being Hit Up for $1 Million Over Allegedly Trashed Hollywood Hills Rental

Lil Nas X had a rager of a birthday last year.

via: Radar Online

Lil Nas X has demanded a lawsuit accusing him of throwing a massive party at a Los Angeles rental home without permission be thrown out of court — arguing he had received permission, has learned.

According to court documents obtained by, Lil Nas X [real name Montero Hill] has asked a judge to dismiss all claims against him in the case brought by a man named Daniel Fitzgerald.

In his complaint, filed back in February, Fitzgerald said he owned the home in question. He claimed to have leased out the pad with the rule the tenants could not throw a party.

Fitzgerald sued Lil Nas X and musician Zedd, who also performed at a massive party with over 1,000 people. Fitzgerald claimed the musicians were paid $250k each for the show.

The homeowner said Lil Nas X, Zedd, and the event organizers were all aware the “no party” rule but still went through with the April 2022 party.

Fitzgerald said the party upset his neighbors and caused trouble with local officials — along with causing $25k in damage to his home.

He said the partygoers thrashed his chairs, sofas, walls and ceilings. The homeowner said he was unable to rent the property for one month due to repairs which cost him $40k.

Fitzgerald’s lawsuit demanded $1 million in damages.

As we first reported, one of the party promoters demanded the case be dismissed. The company claimed Fitzgerald consented to the acts he now complains about. In court documents, a rep for the company accused the landlord of attending the party and taking photos with Lil Nas X.

“[Fitzgerald] assumed the risk that he would suffer damages by allowing the party at the home,” the response reads.

Now, Lil Nas X filed his official response denying all allegations of wrongdoing. He said he had consent from the leaseholders or tenants of the property to hold a birthday party. The rapper argued the home was cleaned and repaired before they left.

Lil Nas X said any damage was caused by third parties who he then countersued. His cross-complaint was filed against Mike Galem, Craig Franze, Giorgios Alexatos, George Anisimowg, Noah Mckinney and Chris Sauickie. He claimed they provided consent to use the property.

The musician argued that [Fitzgerald] was aware his tenants had given consent to these answering Defendants to hold the birthday party at the property and that the property was professionally cleaned afterward, leaving the property in better condition than it was before the party.”

Lil Nas X has demanded the entire case be thrown out immediately.

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