Lil Kim's Ex-Boyfriend Sentenced to Life in Prison for Orchestrating Six Murders


Good Lord.

Lil Kim’s former boyfriend Damion “World” Hardy was sentenced to life in prison Monday (May 11) for his involvement in six murders.

Damion, a previously larger-than-life drug kingpin out of Bedford-Stuyvesant, was actually convicted for having committed several crimes, including murder, attempted murder, robbery, drug trafficking and kidnapping.

Aaron Granton, Damion’s enforcer (in other words, his hitman), was also sentenced to life behind bars for pulling the trigger that killed five people on behalf of the Cash Money Brothers drug crew, a name that many of you may recognize from the Wesley Snipes film New Jack City.

According to reports, Damion and Aaron showed no remorse as their sentences were handed out and even appeared to look bored as several of the victims’ family members delivered statements in court. Interestingly enough, both Damion and Aaron still maintain their innocence.

One of Damion and Aaron’s victims was Mike Tyson’s former bodyguard Darryl Baum. Darryl’s daughter, understandably upset, referred to Aaron as a “fucking bitch” as she spoke in front of the judge.

Damion, who split from Kim in 2003, was arrested for his crimes back in 2004, but his diagnosis with schizophrenia rendered him unfit to stand trial for years. In fact, he was forcibly medicated to stand trial over the last three weeks.

Damion and Aaron are now 40 years old.

Lil Kim has yet to release a statement.

[via NY Post]

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