Lil Kim is Shooting a Video Called 'Jay-Z' featuring Mob Wives Carla Facciolo


What in the world? We’re not sure if Jay-Z approves of this, but it looks like either way Lil Kim doesn’t care.

Kim has been using mob references in her music for years and in recent days has been hanging with Mob Wives’ Drita DaVanzo. It’s not surprising Tony Testa, whose uncle Joseph Carmine Testa was convicted of being the head of the Gambino crime family, along with Mob Wives’ Carla Facciolo were spotted on the set.

All Hip Hop reports scenes for “Jay-Z” were shot at Club Glazz in Queens, NY. French Montana was there for moral support only while Tony Testa and Kim’s new artist Tiffany Foxx have roles. How is Kim developing a new artist when we’re still waiting on music from her? You know what…we’ll leave that alone. From the flicks over on All Hip Hop it’s obvious the theme of the video is mob/gangster related. It’s unknown if “Jay-Z” is a new song from the BK rapper. From her Twitter we can only confirm that there was indeed a casting for the shoot. It appears that this is her artist’s song/video. If Lil’ Kim is going to do the whole Dr. Dre Detox thing we need to know now so we’re not waiting years and years for the Queen to really return.

All I have to say is controversy aside, I hope the song is hot.

via VH1

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