Lil Kim Calls K. Michelle a 'Bag of Pecans', Says She 'Is So Nuts' + Talks Nicki Minaj on 'The Breakfast Club' [Video]

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Lil Kim stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about her recent feud with K. Michelle.

If you recall, the two publicly exchanged some words publicly during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and K. Michelle addressed their beef on The Breakfast Club a few weeks ago.

K. said that their feud was one-sided and that she was close to Kim before all the drama — even in consideration to be Royal Reign’s godmother.

Kim says that’s all a lie.

“That chick is a bag of pecans,” Kim said during the morning interview. “Like, a trail mix. You know when you eating a trail mix and the nuts that you like, you eat and the ones that you can’t stand, you put back in the bag. She’s the bag of nuts that you put back. Like a black jelly bean. She is so nuts, you are liable to see her skipping. Who skips?”

She added, “Why would I ever make her my child’s godmother? I’ve only met this woman one time, one time in person! We talked on the phone after that because she’s a fan of mine. I appreciate that. Anybody shows me love, I’m going to show them major love back.”

Also, Kim says that their beef goes way beyond a few Twitter words. She alleges that it all started over a failed performance last year.

“The chick is sour because she’s huge fan of mine. Everybody knows that. She’s been bitter and sour because you guys had 105 Power last year. I performed with Kendrick. I was supposed to perform with K. Michelle but the sprinter got lost. It just never happened and she was sh*tty, sour, pissed.”

Of course a Lil Kim interview in 2014 isn’t anything without someone mentioning Nicki Minaj. Lil Kim shared her feelings on the “Flawless” remix and how she felt Nicki came for her.

“She made the first record towards me,” said Kim. “If you listen to that remix, she been waiting for so long to even say the word “Queen Bee” cause that’s how obsessed she is. C’mon you on a record with Beyonce. If I had a record with Beyonce, I’m not sayin’ nothing remotely so this chick think that I’m talkin’ about her.”

Charlemagne noted that “Queen Bee” was probably in reference to Bey, Lil’ Kim said, “C’mon, let’s be real.” 

Get into the interview below!

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