Lil Duval Comes Under Fire After Disturbing Tweets About His Own Daughter Resurfaces [Photos]

Online users are sharing their deeply disturbed reactions after comedian Lil Duval’s tweets about his young daughter have resurfaced.

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Lil Duval has come under fire after alleged past tweets about his daughter’s sexuality re-emerged on social media.

The disturbing tweets, which were unearthed by Pop Crave, show Duval talking about “dogging” out his daughter when she has her period, and asking Justin Bieber to rape both him and his daughter.

“Whenever my daughter period starts that’s when I’m gonna be the first dude to dog her out,” Duval wrote in one tweet, adding in another: “So most of y’all saying y’all started thinking about sex at 11 or 12. Ok cool my daughter moving in with me at 10.”

In another tweet from February 2010, when Bieber was just 15 years old, he wrote: “#justinbieberpossessedfan hey justin could u please rape me and my daughter then hit me wit a bat if I get out of line.”

“Be real fellas if u fucked a girl and she has a daughter that u seen grow up would u fuck her when she grew up?” he asked in another tweet from September 2012.

Check out the alleged tweets below:

Duval clarified months later that his Justin Bieber tweet was intended as a joke about the singer’s fanbase.

“hold on yall im not talking bout my daughter im talking bout thats what a justin bieber fan would say. #stopreaching,” he wrote on Twitter.

Twitter users expressed their shock and disgust at the tweets, with one user calling Duval a “weird ass n-gga” while others simply posted green nausea emojis.

“Who is lil duval and why isn’t he in prison,” wrote one person, while another added: “please take that child out of this man’s house.”

Check out more reactions below:

While Lil Duval has yet to respond to the resurfaced tweets, the Meet the Blacks star recently took aim at rappers by claiming most of them care more about podcasting than writing good bars.

“Seem like hip hop has become more about podcasting instead of music,” he tweeted on February 2.

Based on the responses to his tweet, it was a sentiment that his fans agreed with. “The conversations just better than the music. 90% of the songs are made in 15 minutes with no thought put into it. Microwave raps,” wrote one user. “Everybody just tryna make a way for themselves.. gotta respect the hustle,” added another follower.

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