Lil Durk Wants People To Stop Shaming Rappers Over Fake Jewelry [Photos]

Lil Durk is against the shaming of celebrities with fake jewelry. Taking to his Instagram Story earlier this week, the “Broadway Girls” emcee attempted to redirect the criticism currently aimed at the jewelry-buying stars.

via: Hot97

Durk took to social media to get a few things off his chest. In an Instagram story post, the Chicago rapper said rappers shouldn’t be blamed for fake pieces; instead, the jeweler should be. In the message, Durk said, “Don’t blame the rapper or athletes nomo blame the jeweler for selling them that bogus ass sh*t.” Take a look:

Last year, a jeweler bamboozled Lil Baby! Lil Baby was sold a fake Patek and paid $400,000 for it. At the time, Baby wasn’t aware that his new watch was fake. When Lil Baby realized it, he wrote a message on social media. On Instagram Story, he @’d the maker of the expensive watch, Patek Phillips, and said, “See, this why I need to be on the list! Aftermarket jewelers going to make me do something I shouldn’t.” Baby later admitted that he couldn’t tell the difference before the jeweler who sold him the piece reached out to fix the mistake.

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