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Lenny Kravitz Brings Back His Iconic Big Scarf to Launch His TikTok Account on First Day of Fall [Video]

Lenny Kravitz made this TikTok debut in a big, yet familiar way.

via People:

The “Fly Away” artist has made his way over to the social media platform in spectacular fashion on Saturday — sporting autumn-colored clothing and the best accessory of all: a giant brown scarf!

It’s not just any scarf, though. It’s that scarf. You know the one.

“Grab your big scarf, it’s the first day of fall,” the legendary rock-and-roller, 59, said while walking toward the camera in his first-ever TikTok upload. 

The Shotgun Wedding actor paid homage to a 2012 photo of himself that seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving. 

Over a decade ago, paparazzi photographed Kravitz as he was on an innocent errand run and his choice of warm clothing was forever cemented in history on the internet. The photo became instantly meme-able and continues to be memed over a decade later.

In 2018, Kravitz was still being asked about it. 

During a September 2018 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the talk show host playfully brought up the “American Woman” hitmaker’s viral meme.

I cannot escape this,” Kravitz jokingly began. “I live in the Bahamas, I’m used to hot weather and I had to go to the store, I was buying some groceries and I thought I’d put on a little scarf to protect my throat, and that’s the scarf I had.”

“But Lenny, this is not a scarf, it’s a blanket!” Fallon responded, 49.

“That was the day I thought I would break it out, and I had no idea that there would be paparazzi and that is now everything,” Kravitz said.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 star explained how each year, it seems that thanks to Photoshop, his brown scarf gets more and more massive. 

“Here’s the thing about the internet, though, that’s the problem — the scarf keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” he lightheartedly explained. 

Kravitz laughed as Fallon pulled out the original paparazzi photo and seconds later showed a photoshopped image with a scarf so large that the “I Want to Get Away” singer’s head could barely be seen. 

In a May 2023 interview with fashion magazine Highsnobiety, Kravitz opened up about his eclectic wardrobe, and how his late mother, actress Roxie Roker, never judged his choice of clothing.

“My friends were like, ‘Your mom’s going to freak.’ We were all nervous,” he said of what others initially thought of his sense of style. 

However, Kravitz said the The Jeffersons actress looked him “up and down” before saying to him, “If you’re gonna wear that skirt, you got to change them shoes.”

“One thing about my mother, she never judged anybody. She just loved.”

Ahead of the Highsnobiety interview, the “Are You Gonna Go My Way” artist arrived at the 2023 Oscars in a black plunging silk top that showed off an array of necklaces and chains, including a silver and black cross. He paired the top with wide-legged trousers with a wide cummerbund.  

In November, Kravitz’s contribution to style was recognized when the star was presented with the Fashion Icon Award at the 2022 CFDA Awards.

For the honor, he wore leather pants, a wool blazer with cutouts and a feather boa by LaQuan Smith. 

“I reached out to LaQuan after admiring his work for some time and we met in person just a couple of days ago to vibe out,” Kravitz later told Vogue. “We had instant chemistry … I love his vision and look forward to working together into the future. The fact that I’m the first to wear creations he has made for men is an honor.”

Kravitz may have joined TikTok in humorous fashion to celebrate the start of fall, but the musician plans to use the platform for other means as well. With new music on the horizon, TikTok is the perfect place to spread the word about what’s to come.

See Lenny’s video below.

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