At Least 22 Killed in Multiple Mass Shootings in Maine, 'Dangerous' Person of Interest at Large: Reports |

At Least 22 Killed in Multiple Mass Shootings in Maine, ‘Dangerous’ Person of Interest at Large: Reports

At least 22 people have been killed in multiple shootings in Lewiston, Maine — and the number keeps growing.

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CNN reports that in addition to the fatalities, at least 50 people have been injured in the shootings, and McCarthy told CNN that the National Guard center has been used for triage.

In a Facebook post, the Lewiston Police Department identified and pictured a person of interest as Robert Card, 40, who is considered “armed and dangerous.” The department said the shootings occurred at Schemengees Bar and Grille and Sparetime Recreation, a bowling alley.

McCarthy told CNN that the area’s two hospitals “have called in every off-duty staff member that they could to deal with this. We are a town of about 39,000. Our hospitals are not geared to handle this kind of shooting event. They’re doing the best we can.”

The City of Lewiston issued an immediate shelter-in-place order. Lewiston police have posted numerous photos of the suspect, who appears to be holding an assault rifle, on the agency’s Facebook page. Police also posted a photo of what they believe to be the suspect’s car.

“Officials have instructed people in the area to “stay inside with doors locked” and refrain from approaching unfamiliar individuals, the order states.

Nichoel Wyman Arel, an eyewitness, told CNN that she and her daughter were on their way home from a Girl Scouts event when they saw people streaming out of the bowling alley.

“As we were leaving the scene we did see somebody who had blood all over them,” she said.

Her daughter, she said, “was definitely scared. She started crying. She was like, ‘This is a scary world we live in, Mom.'”

Lewiston, has a population of about 38,000, and is the second-most populous city in the state after Portland, which sits about 35 miles to the South. It’s the home of Bates College and the Dempsey Center, founded by actor Patrick Dempsey to provide support for those afflicted with ovarian cancer.

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