Larsa Pippen Slammed After Sharing Message About Healing From 'Heartache' |

Larsa Pippen Slammed After Sharing Message About Healing From ‘Heartache’

People have no time for Larsa Pippen.

The former Kardashian BFF is being slammed after sharing a message about praying for people suffering from ‘heartache’ while being involved in a cheating scandal with a married NBA player.

via The Blast:

The former ‘Real Housewives Of Miami’ star took to Instagram to post the supportive messages, but many believe she is taking to the NBA player’s wife, who claims she had no idea he was handing out with Pippen. In the post, Larsa does not address anyone specifically, but she is getting lit up for having the audacity to try and comfort someone who is now getting divorced after her husband was photographed holding hands with you!

“God, I pray for healing & comfort for anyone dealing with heartache. I pray that they find refuge in You in the midst of their pain. May You continued to give them the strength to keep going. To push through these dark moments & know You are with them every step of the way,” Larsa posted on IG.

The sentiment is nice, except many are holding Larsa at least partially responsible for the situation — and they are going OFF on her on social media.

“I am thinking of Malik Beasley’s wife and son ??,” one person wrote.

“She praying for her victims, You knew he was married and didn’t care. Please!” another wrote.

A few angry fans even dragged up her divorce from Scottie Pippen, saying, “God please give healing and comfort to Scottie!?” As you know, the marriage ended with a bit of controversy including a rumor that she hooked up with rapper Future. Something she has denied had any bearing on the split.

“Thirsty much? Your actions, your consequences…,” one person blasted.

As we reported, Larsa was spotted holding hands with NBA star Malik Beasley who is still married to his wife, Montana Yao. At the time, Beasley’s wife said she was blindsided by the photos and immediately filed for divorce.

According to reports, “Montana filed for a divorce the day she saw the photos. Montana never cheated, and it’s not in her character. She’s not dating anybody. She’s a family person. She’s focusing on taking care of her son with her parents. They are quarantining together. Her son is her first priority.”

In her defense, Larsa was reportedly aware of the marriage but understood the couple was already in the process of getting divorced. In fact, they allegedly bonded over the divorce situation, something she has dealt with in the past.

A few fans supported Larsa, saying, “Soooo, why are y’all so much putting the blame on her??? Because Malik is the one that’s married; she’s not! She didn’t have no obligation to his wife…he did!” Another added, “We love you Larsa stay strong and ignore the haters.”

Larsa should’ve known that people were going to feel some type of way…hell, she probably expects it by now.

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