Lamar Odom Returns to United States After Suffering Back Injury, Might Not Go Back to Spain


Lamar Odom’s revived basketball career could be over just a month after it began.

Lam left Spain on Monday to seek additional treatment for a back injury he sustained while playing basketball for Spanish basketball team Baskonia.

A rep for the team tells UsWeekly:

“He will visit his doctors in New York who have treated him throughout his career in the States, to check with the medical tests and receive a second opinion about his back injury.”

A timeline for his return has not been specified, but manager Sergio Scariolo says,

“If Lamar told me he would return, I’m not going to have the feeling he won’t.”

Sources are reporting that the injury, combined with the fact that Lamar hasn’t made much of a contribution to the team in the few games he did play greatly hinder his chances at retuning.

A rep for Odom had no comment on rumors that he would not return to Spain.

However, a source close to the athlete says “he’s not going back.”

“He wants to stay in L.A. and make sure [his back] gets better, because you don’t mess around with your back,” the insider tells Us. “He is going to get ready for the next playoffs now. Staying in Spain a bit longer would have made his back worse, so he was advised to come home. He wants to get healthy and really take care of his back with a doctor he trusts.”

The source notes, too, that both Khloe Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner, have reached out to make sure he’s okay. “They are talking,” the source says. “It is amicable. Khloe and Kris both said they are here for him if he needs anything.”

[via Us Weekly]

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