Lamar Odom Calls Romance with Ex Sabrina Parr 'Toxic' as She Talks End of Engagement [Photos]

Sabrina Parr slammed former fiance Lamar Odom. The female fitness trainer insisted she told the truth when she said it was she who walked away from their relationship and not the other way around.

via: People

On Wednesday, the former NBA player, 42, and his fitness influencer ex, 34, reflected on their romance a year after calling off their engagement in December 2020.

Parr announced that she’s releasing a book called The Freedom in Walking Away, detailing the demise of her relationship with Odom in an Instagram post.

“A year ago today, I officially walked away from my ex-fiance. I did not tell a soul (not even him); I just left! I knew the more I continued to talk about my unhappiness, the more I would stay comfortable being in it,” Parr said. “We were less than a year away from getting married. I was scared, hurt, and unsure of the outcome, but I knew if I stayed, I would never be free.”

A few hours later, Odom seemed to respond to Parr’s announcement with his own account of the “toxic” and “abusive” relationship’s end in an Instagram post addressed to his “exes and next.”

“We were toxic. Independently and collectively,” Odom said.

Noting that leaving the relationship “broke” his heart, Odom said, however, that it “saved” his soul. The athlete also explained that there were times when he wanted to return to the “dysfunction” because the “addict in me hated being alone.”

“Late nights and early mornings alone wears on a brother,” he continued. “I sought solace in marijuana and a slew of random women, not loving any of them, not really wanting to be with any of them, but it beat being lonely.”

But, as Odom then wrote, “One day, my soul opened up, [a] light bulb went off and I wanted and needed to change for ME!”

“My team had worked hard to get me a fresh start. I had to honor that ??,” he added in his post.

Odom also wrote about all the ways within his life that he is “free” while remaining a work-in-progress.

“Today, I am free. Drug-free. Marijuana-free. Relationship-free,” he said. “I am rebuilding a relationship with myself. With my family. I am focused on my faith. My growth. My brand. I am a legend. I own that. I am a recovering addict. I own that too.”

The former Los Angeles Lakers star also seemed to directly respond to Parr’s claims, writing, “Stand in your truth. Do not believe everything you read.”

“Luckily my team keeps record of EVERYTHING so I am reminded of how far I have come. I have not arrived yet. I will not let troubled exes from my past haunt me,” he said. “I will stand in my truth. I owe that to myself and whomever God places next in my life.”

In Parr’s post, in which she also references a past abusive marriage, she said that her book will teach readers about “so many problems in cases that happened in my life where I had to walk away. You will hear about how holding someone else’s hand was suffocating mine!”

“I’m genuinely excited to open up to all of you and bring you on this journey with me. It’s time to get free! It’s time to find peace, and I hope to help you achieve that once you’ve read this book,” she said.

Hopefully they are both in a better place.

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