LaKeith Stanfield Reveals He and Kasmere Trice Are Married -- And They Have a Baby

LaKeith Stanfield is both a husband and a father.

The actor revealed that he and model Kasmere Trice Stanfield have gotten married and welcomed a child in recent months.

In the latest issue of People, Keith opens up about the changes in his life now that he’s a new dad.

“There’s life before being a parent, and then there’s life being a parent. It completely changes,” says LaKeith.

Keith has two daughters under age 7 from previous relationships.

Last December, Keith and Kasmere announced their engagement via Instagram. As for why they kept their marriage secret, Kasmere says they wanted to protect their privacy.

“We decided early on we wanted to protect our baby as much as we can for as long as possible,” Kasmere says.

Adds LaKeith: “Being in the public eye can be something that’s amazing, but it can also be something that is very hard on you. There needs to be things that exist that are sacred and not for consumption for everybody.”

Their reason for speaking out now: “We want to be the ones to tell our story. We’re bringing our family forward so we may inspire others.”

For more of their story + photos of their adorable baby, click here.

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