Kylie and Kris Jenner Share Personal Photos in Celebration of Jaden Smith's 15th Birthday [Photos]

Jaden Smith Kylie Jenner Lovebscott

Jaden Smith is pretty much one of the Kardashians these days. We’ve seen him more with the Kardashian clan than his own family over the last few weeks.

Well, technically he’d be a Jenner — since he’s dating Kylie Jenner, the half-sister of the Kardashian sisters. He celebrated his 15th birthday yesterday and Kylie and Kris decided to celebrate by sharing a few intimate pictures.

Kylie posted the above picture along with the caption:

jaden kylie jenner lovebscott birthday


Kris got in on the fun as well and shared this super cute pic of the two:

Jaden Smith Kris Jenner Lovebscott

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