Kordell Stewart Denies Porsha Williams' Abuse Allegations: 'It's ludicrous'


Porsha Williams has made some pretty damningaccusations against her ex-husband Kordell Stewart, claiming she was a victim of domestic violence on ‘several different occasions’.

Kordell is speaking out in his defense.

“My heart goes out to Porsha, he told Radar Online”

“It is obvious she is really struggling in many different ways. I wish her well,” Stewart said about his ex-wife.

“The most recent untruths by Porsha is her attempt to keep her name in the bright lights. Her current behavior has nothing to do with me.”

Williams’ life has spiraled out of control lately.  She was recently arrested after attacking her reality co-star Kenya Moore while the RHOA reunion show was filmed and while Moore has been filming Celebrity Apprentice, Williams has been making the rounds of talk shows, claiming she was instantly sorry for the fight with her co-star but that she felt Moore had a “weapon” and she was afraid.

“I divorced Porsha,” Stewart explained.

“Her latest claims of physical and mental abuse are false. I completely deny all accusations. It’s ludicrous.I’m focused on being a single dad and raising my son.”

Despite the shocking allegations, Stewart said he wished his ex-wife well.

“I’m truly at peace. I hope and pray she can find the same,” he told Radar.

Stories of abuse are so incredibly touchy. Whatever the case may be, we hope both parties find resolution both mentally, physically, and spiritually.

[via Radar Online]

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