Kim Zolciak, Kroy Biermann, Cops Called for Dog After Allegedly Almost Attacking Kid |

Kim Zolciak, Kroy Biermann, Cops Called for Dog After Allegedly Almost Attacking Kid

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are in the doghouse with law enforcement yet again.

via: The Blast

The couple, whose marriage is on the rocks, has had multiple run-ins with authorities over their differences. In their latest dilemma, the pair’s pet ownership skills were questioned by a concerned mother, who alerted cops about the estranged spouses’ allegedly dangerous canine.

Since filing to end the couple’s marriage, Biermann’s relationship with Zolciak has been less than amicable. Despite living under one roof, the former lovebirds frequently drew the attention of law enforcers with their inability to compromise.

Apart from having issues with each other, the media personalities appear to have problems with their neighbors, especially an outraged mother over their dog. The ex-couple share two canines — Stone and Sinn — but Stone, a Cane Corso breed, was at the heart of the problem for running around without supervision.

The large dog was allegedly involved in what could have been a tragic incident in October, in which the pooch tried to tackle a young boy in the neighborhood. The child’s mother reported the incident to GA cops last week after spotting Stone without his leash.

TMZ reported that the woman told dispatch it was not the first time the animal had been off its leash, claiming it chased her kids and “almost attacked” them. Although no one was injured in the incident last month, the concerned mother was not about to risk a second encounter with the unsupervised Cane Corso.

The caller stressed the severity of the situation to dispatch, describing the dog as “super aggressive and never confined.” Stone was not the only menace in the neighborhood as the animal and Sinn went viral on a Facebook group for terrorizing residents.

The Manor Golf and Country Club Residents group featured a lengthy post from a worried mother about Stone’s aggressiveness. According to the woman, the Cane Corso breed “came racing out of someone’s gate” and “attempted to tackle and attack” her son, who was riding a scooter.

Fortunately, the boy was saved by his brother. Nonetheless, the children’s mother stressed that she had already reported the incident to manor security and would involve animal control if she saw the dog without his leash. While the woman did not know who the canine belonged to, other residents cited Zolciak and Biermann’s Stone as the culprit.

“It may be [Kim and Kroy’s] dog. He is usually behind the gate in the front yard, but sometimes their driveway gate is open,” one Facebook user claimed, with more residents echoing their agreements. Six years before these reports of dog violence, Sinn made waves for nearly blinding the estranged couple’s son Kash in a vicious attack.

However, addressing their neighbors’ worries about their unleashed dogs was the least of the former lovebirds’ police troubles. As stated, this was not the pair’s first involvement with authorities, as local cops have been to their home in recent months.

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