Kim Kardashian Reportedly Begged for Her Life for the Sake of Her Children Before Getting Bound & Gagged in the Bathtub During the Robbery [Video]


Kim Kardashian arrived in NYC after getting robbed at gunpoint in Paris last night…and as you could expect her security has doubled — maybe even tripled.

A source reveals to E! News that during last night’s robbery, Kim was gagged and bound at her hands and feet, then handcuffed and held at gunpoint. “She begged for them to let her live and [said] she has babies at home. Then they wrapped her mouth in tape and put her in the bathtub.”

“She thought they were for sure going to kill her,” the source says.

After the men left with “all her jewelry,” Kim “broke out of her bindings and got out.” Later, after speaking with Parisian police, she boarded a plane.

Kim, Kanye, Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble arrived back in NYC and pulled up outside their residence — with a caravan of about 10 vehicles with 15-20 bodyguards watching everything and everyone in the area.

See below:


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