Killer Mike Delays Barbershop Reopening After It's Destroyed Following Shootout [Video]

Atlanta-based rapper, song writer, actor and activist Killer Mike had a strong message about gun violence in the city after his barbershop had its windows shot out over the weekend.

via: AceShowbiz

Rapper and activist Killer Mike has been forced to delay the planned reopening of his Atlanta, Georgia barbershop after it was damaged by stray bullets.

The Run the Jewels star, real name Michael Render, had been gearing up to welcome customers back to the SWAG Shop, but he had to rethink his plans over the weekend (20-21Feb21) after discovering the property had been hit following a nearby shootout between a group of men.

The store has since had its windows boarded up and the broken glass cleared away until they can be repaired, and he took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the incident.

“It was not a personal attack but it was black men who cud not shoot for s**t shooting at one another,” he wrote of the shooting.

“I am not upset as property can be replaced. I am sorry to my customers as this will continue pause the re launch of the OG SWAG Shop barber Shop & store (sic).”

Mike went on to admit he is more frustrated about the senseless violence that continues to take place on the streets of his native city, and used his post to send a message to those involved.

“Please consider what would have happened if one of y’all actually hit one another,” he continued. “The jail, the lawyer fees, the funeral cost and two black families loss. I’m glad y’all cud not hit the side of a barn with a shot gun cuz this am y’all all are alive (sic).”

He also expressed his thanks to local community members and police for helping with the clean up effort, and promised to reopen the SWAG Shop as soon as possible.

Authorities have yet to identify any suspects in the shooting, according to TMZ.

Stay safe Atlanta.

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