Khloe Kardashian Under Fire for Wearing Native American Headdress [Photos]


In the batch of photos from North West’s first birthday party, there were a couple that managed to stick out.

At one point during the ‘Kidchella’ themed party, Khloe Kardashian posed in a Native American headdress.

Not only did she have on the headdress, but she found herself a good ‘ole teepee too. She captioned the above photo:

“Ray of clouds. Chirping of birds. Gurgling of water. Granting desire. One with water.#Kidchella my first Coachella!!!”



We’re sure she didn’t mean any intentional disrespect, but we know by now that it’s considered disrespectful to appropriate sacred cultural items.

Just ask Pharrell…he’ll tell you.

As you can imagine, the Internet has already lit up with comments bashing Khloe for her choice of attire.

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Do you think she’ll apologize?

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