Keyshia Cole's Husband Denies Marriage Rumors |

Keyshia Cole’s Husband Denies Marriage Rumors

Keyshia Cole Daniel Gibson

It’s good to know that Keyshia & Daniel are still going strong!

After the Cleveland Cavaliers star tweeted some cryptic messages which included, “I remember me now … Lord… I suffered through the years and shed so many tears and trust nobody,” many websites were ablaze with stories that the stars of Keyshia & Daniel: Family First were in trouble.

But Gibson has since posted the following messages on Twitter, “Don’t believe everything you read… We are the cause of all the commotion… ya mouth running but where is ya goin?”

The shooting guard also known as “Booby” got more critical of the reported rumors with the following tweet, “It just amazes me how … in a world filled with so much tragedy and hardship people still would love to see us fail instead of show love.”

But even during his blasting of the rumor mill he saved his best tweet for last. Gibson sent Cole a romantic Valentine’s Day message via Twitter for all to see, “Keyshia Cole is my heart and what we have is from the soul. Can’t nothing break that. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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