Kevin Federline Slams Report That He Thinks Britney Spears is HOOKED on Crystal Meth

On Saturday (June 10) The Daily Mail published a report that “Britney Spears’ family say they fear she is on METH and will die like Amy Winehouse: Father of her boys Kevin Federline says loved-ones are ‘terrified’ she is on the Breaking Bad drug – son Preston says ‘I hope she’ll listen to us… before it’s too late'”

The report went on to say “Today, Britney is in an extremely dangerous place.

They tell me her drug-taking has resumed – with some in her family claiming she is now hooked on crystal meth, the highly addictive cocaine derivative made notorious in hit series Breaking Bad.

But after spending nine months working with the wider Spears family – Britney’s parents, her brother, her former husband and her children – for a new documentary, I’m sorry to say the situation is more deeply troubling than even we had guessed.

‘I fear she’s on meth – I’ve been praying someone would make it public and that she wakes up,’ Kevin Federline, her ex- husband and father of their two sons, told me. ‘It’s terrifying. She is the mother of my boys.’

Her sons, Preston, 17, and Jayden, 16, are refusing to meet their mother, claiming they have seen drugs being delivered to her house.

Her family are scared, with Britney’s father, Jamie, telling me he worries she will meet the same fate as English singer Amy Winehouse, who died at the tragically young age of 27.”

Kevin Federline spoke with TMZ about the claims.

“It saddens our family that Daphne Barak and Erbil Gunasti have decided to fabricate lies and publish the heart ache our family has endured, along with the trauma of our minor children in the Daily Mail and The Sun. We did allow Daphne & Bill into our home because we trusted them, but that trust was lost and we severed ties back in March for many reasons we choose not to go into here.”

K-Fed never specifically says which part of the story was fabricated, but the whole piece went in heavy on the meth allegation.

He continues, “It is very distressing that she continues to harass our family when we have repeatedly asked her to leave us alone. As was previously published, our family did speak with Ms. Barak and Mr. Gunasti a few times, and this was done in a respectful way with love & compassion for Britney and the Spears family. Her lies and attempts to exploit minors is click bait and another repulsive example of where, unfortunately, certain journalism has sunk today.”

Daphne’s spent a lot of time with the Federline and Spears families, first linking up together last summer for a TV news special.

She reports one conversation with Britney’s father, Jamie, where he allegedly stated he feared his daughter would wind up dead like Amy Winehouse if she didn’t get proper care.

All the best to Britney Jean.

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