Keri Hilson Flaunts Fake Baby Bump on Instagram [Photo] |

Keri Hilson Flaunts Fake Baby Bump on Instagram [Photo]

Is Miss Keri having a baby?

Keri Hilson took to Instagram caressing a baby bump sending many fans into a congratulation frenzy!

On quick glance, one would be inclined to congratulate Keri on being an expectant mother — but if you look closely it appears she’s on a set.

Per IMDB, her most recent production credit is in a film called “Don’t Waste Your Pretty,” based on a novel of the same name, which is slated for a 2021 release, though according to one site, production on the film wrapped in August.

One tip is that Keri tagged the names of various accounts in the photo — including Lifetime.

The running theory is that she’s not pregnant, but instead promoting a movie.

“Keri Hilson had no baby bump on her birthday 5 days ago so ya’ll can calm down,” one user noted.

No baby for Keri — but Cassie, Christina Milian, and Victoria Monet are all expecting for real.


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