Kenya Barris Files Restraining Order Against His Sister

Kenya Barris, the creator of “Black-ish” and other spinoffs, is seeking a restraining order against his sister because he says she’s trying to make money off of his name AND threatening his kids.

In his filing, he claims he fears that Colette Barris — who is a teacher and an author — might harm his kids.

He also listed several incidents in which he says Colette used his name and the fact that they were related to get opportunities in Hollywood. Despite her attempts, none of them got her anywhere and Kenya refused to help — thus explaining why Kenya claims she’s out to get him and his kids.

According to Kenya, Collette has been using their family name for years and at one point demanded he take care of her and their extended family.

Kenya alleges Colette recently sent him a legal demand letter, demanding $4 million to film her latest movie project (based on a novel of hers). He also claims that she’s told him if he doesn’t do what she says … she’d go public.


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