Kenan And Kel Reunited On ‘SNL’ For A Gritty-Ish Reboot Of Their Beloved Show

Reboots have been all the rage for a while, but there are still plenty of shows that have fallen through the revival cracks. One of them is Kenan & Kel, the beloved ‘90s Nickelodeon show that made names out of stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. The two have spent years threatening to team back up, but so far they’ve only settled for fun little one-offs. Another of those took place on the latest SNL.

via: Vulture

Trust Keke Palmer to do what needs to be done. In last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, she brought Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell back together to reboot Kenan & Kel. The reunion sketch sees Thompson and Mitchell reprising their original Nickelodeon roles. But the show is now called Kenan & Kelly, because, duh, Palmer needed a part. (Devon Walker’s take on Ed from Good Burger is unfortunately turned down.) Palmer is clearly gunning for an Emmy, making excellent use of her freshly-revealed pregnancy by adding some baby daddy drama into her reimagining of the teen sitcom. When the sketch ends with a fatal robbery attempt, it’s clear that the ‘90s teen show has had a substantial shift in tone. But hey, no matter how much things change, at least Kel’s love for orange soda doesn’t.

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