Kelly Rowland's Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Revealed? [Photo]

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When Kelly Rowland released her new single “Dirty Laundry” yesterday, one of the first people to respond to the song was Kelly’s former fiancé Roy Williams. He immediately went on the defense about not being the abusive man Kelly referred to in the song. While he didn’t exactly say who it was, one of Roy’s followers did the investigative work for all of us and named the man in question.

Roy did everyone a favor by confirming it. It would make sense that being her former fiancé he would know details regarding her past relationships.


“Cuda” or “Cudda Love” was Nelly’s manager/body guard back in the 2003. The reason this makes sense is because  Kelly mentioned that the toxic relationship took place a decade ago. If you recall, 2003 was when she and Nelly recorded “Dilemma” and therefore she spent a lot of time around Nelly and his crew.

There aren’t many pictures of Cudda, but a while ago, Cam’ron posted a picture of Cudda Love on Instagram.


This picture was taken from Cam’Ron’s Instagram. The caption reads: “This is Cudda love!! Ppl never knew what he look like. This when I was Mase security then. Really tho.”

While we can’t say for absolute certainty that Cudda is responsible for the abuse, all of the clues certainly point in his direction.

via Madame Noire

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