Kelly Price Lawyer Says She's NOT Missing, Still Recovering from COVID |

Kelly Price Lawyer Says She’s NOT Missing, Still Recovering from COVID

Kelly Price is safe and accounted for — according to her attorney.

Monica Ewing, Kelly’s lawyer, says the singer is recovering from COVID at an undisclosed location. Monica has reached out to local authorities to let everyone know that Kelly is not missing — even though she’s listed at missing with the National Crime Information Center.

Earlier this evening, it was reported that Kelly was missing after checking out of the hospital following a battle with COVID.

Her family said they hadn’t heard from her and tha Kelly’s boyfriend was keeping her children from visiting her home. The family then called police to conduct a welfare check.

When asked why Kelly had been ignoring her family and the issues with her fiancé, Monica Ewing simply said that Kelly is trying to overcome COVID and will address everything later.

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